David Adeyemi Is First African World Student Organisation Appointee

A Nigerian innovator, David Adeyemi, has became the first Nigerian and African appointee of The World Student Organisation.

David, 22, was appointed as the Nigeria Country Director for World Student Organization, after beating over 11,000 other African innovators.

He had record breaking scores in all the assessments he was put through during the interview period.

“His versatility swept us off the floor during our interview session and the entire World Student Organization community is looking forward to his exploit and contributions,” Dimas Satrio Pradhana, World Student Organisation Founder, said in a statement sent to The Guardian Nigeria.

“We have been watching his sustainability, community development, security and environmental projects and innovations for about 3 years now and we are really awed to see such an extremely talented and passionate young Nigerian interested in contributing to the development of his country in his own little way,” Pradhana added.

The World Student Organization is a Berlin-based organization founded based on the concerns of youths towards rising and present global issues. It seeks to connect students worldwide in order to come up with solutions for these issues.

As the country director for World Student Organization in Nigeria, David will be keened solely on collaborating with social innovators and organizations across the country.

“I will be overseeing other African countries for a very short period of time, because my primary goal is for Nigeria,” David told The Guardian Nigeria.

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