ISWAP Loses Two Commanders, 30 Fighters In Damaturu Attack

The Nigerian military’s ground and aerial assaults have decimated the Boko Haram terrorists’ splinter group, Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP), during the latest gun duel in Damaturu, Yobe State, North East Nigeria.

A Nigerian Army source disclosed this on Monday, saying that ISWAP lost about 30 fighters and two Commanders including Abu Muqhtar the overall commander who led the foiled attack.

According to the military sources, not only was the attack repelled by Nigerian troops successfully, the ISWAP recorded heavy casualties with two out of four commanders mentioned in their earlier intercept neutralised.

“May Allah help our gallant troops and their leadership to succeed in this fight against the insurgents,” the source said.

The source further narrated the sequence of the events, saying: “On 22/12/2019, about 2046 hours, ISWAP Senior Commander ALI (aka Abu Huzaifa) who was located around Ben Kalio Estate, Damaturu, Yobe State informed high profile Commander Ahmodu located around Lake Chad fringes that they have tried all their possible best to penetrate the town but the troops resisted and pushed them back to the tranche.

“Abu Huzaifa also added that they have recorded heavy casualties and more injuries in this foiled attack. He also disclosed that they have lost a General Commander who coordinates many attacks around Lake Chad fringes named Abu Muqhtar and about 30 other fighters were also killed.”

“Abu Huzaifa also stated that the reinforcement team from Gorgore Camp couldn’t come because of some undisclosed reasons. He further revealed that the soldiers got information about the movement and prepared for them. He also maintained that the fighter jets also played some roles in pushing them back to the ditch.”

The foregoing therefore, the source said, it is established that the ISWAP has lost a very Senior Commander in this foiled attack on Damaturu township.

“It is also observed that they have lost about 30 other Fighters and recorded many injuries and as well as many vehicles destroyed. Nigerian Army has made us proud today. The ISWAP lost about 30 fighters including Abu Muqhtar the overall commander who Led the attack,” the source stressed.

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