Men Who Sells Drugged ‘Pure Water’ To Women At LASU Gate, In Other To Rob And Rape Them, Arrested

There was commotion yesterday in front of LASU gate as two men who sell sachet water were beaten up and arrested for allegedly selling drugged pure water to women so they can rape and rob them when they become weak.

In a video sent to LIB, students can be seen beating a man who sells pure water at Lagos State University (LASU) gate while he was being taken away by police men.

A student of the school who spoke to LIB claims the man and his accomplice sell drugged pure water to women. When the women become weak from drinking the water, the men allegedly rob them and rape them.

The school authorities allegedly got wind of this and paid the men a visit at their shop on Thursday evening, November 28. They forced the men to drink the water they are selling and it allegedly made them weak.

The LIB source said: “The two men were forced to drink the water and few minutes later they were dense, like they did not know what was happening anymore or something like that.”

Messages being shared by students of LASU in a WhatsApp group warns students to avoid drinking sachet water at the school’s gate. A voice note was also shared to the group issuing the same warning.

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