Investigative reporter Fisayo Soyombo advised to disappear to avoid arrest

Human Right Activist and Lead Counsel for #EndSars campaigner, Abdul Mahmud says the judiciary, Nigerian Police and Prison officials are now working in cahoots to ensnare undercover investigative reporter Fisayo Soyombo.

Nigerian authorities according to an unconfirmed report is planning arrest him for his groundbreaking report into corruption at a Police Station in Lagos and the Ikoyi Prison.

The first instalment of the three-part investigation by Fisayo Soyombo, a former editor of The ICIR, The Cable and a contributor to Al Jazeera, detailed how Nigerian policemen and officers of the prison service “pervert the course of justice in their quest for ill-gotten money”.

In the second part of the investigation published on Monday by The ICIR and The Cable, he exposed “how the courts short-change the law, and the prisons are themselves a cesspool of the exact reasons for which they hold inmates.”

Mahmud in a series of tweets on his official twitter handle, said the state (Buhari led government) is planning to file a charge under the S.29 of the Prison Act 2018.

He said, “The gods have spoken to their Great Oracle. Fisayo, run; The ICIR run. The state is coming after you all for “espionage”.

Fisayo’s bail will be revoked. A charge will be filed under S.29 of the Prison Act 2018. The gods have spoken

The judiciary, prisons and police are now working in cahoots to ensnare Fisayo. So says the gods.

Disappear. Don’t play the hero!


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