‘Nasty People Don’t make money’: Sapphire group CEO Wale Jana shades BBnaija Tacha, Praises Mercy

‘Nasty People Dont make money’ Wale Jana Reacts to Mercy Bbn Victory, Throw Shade at Tacha

Sapphire group CEO Wale Jana reacted to Mercy Bbn victory as he also throw shade at disqualified Bbn housemate Tacha.
He wrote ;

I watched as Mercy clinged the cash prize of 60 million yesterday and I learnt couple of things:
1.Originality sells; Mercy was just being herself, she’s a beautiful woman who doesn’t hide her emotions, she played the game but her heart was in it, she wasn’t acting a script.
2. Nasty people don’t make money: If a brand or an organization invests in you and you start behaving irrational by breaking their rules and acting like an unfortunate person they will dump you and the gist will spread, I give you 3 years you will be forgotten and broke. Nasty people are bad for business, if their character stinks drop them like a hot plate.
3. Faith is valid: Mercy talked about winning that money than every other housemate. Say what you want to see and it will happen!
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