Chelsea Star Ross Barkley escorted to the ATM machine by the police, For Not Paying Taxi Driver (Photos)

Here is the shocking moment Chelsea Star Ross Barkley was escorted to a cash machine by two policemen to withdraw money to pay a taxi driver after a late night row over spilled chips, MySportDab reports.

The 25-year-old was filmed speaking to the officers in Liverpool at around 11pm on Sunday as an onlooker shouted, ‘Chelsea player can’t pay for a taxi’.

After going to the cash machine at a Co-Op across the road, the £100,000-a-week sportsman returned speaking on a mobile phone with the two officers still walking alongside him.

A witness told The Mirror: ‘It looked like Barkley had spilled his chips on the floor in the back of the cab.

‘He was refusing to pick them up and then refusing to pay. He appeared to be very drunk and was unsteady on his feet.’

Barkley said ‘I have no cash, I’m not paying’ before police were called, according to the witness.

The officers took him to the cash machine and he handed them money, which was then given to the taxi driver.

Barkley was seen whispering to the officers, one of whom said, ‘I understand, that’s why we need to get it sorted’.

Onlookers taunted the footballer, with one saying: ‘Look at the messon the floor that’s a disgrace that’.


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