Man impregnates his wife’s junior sister in Ontisha (photos)

Here is an update on the 15-year-old girl impregnated by her blood sister’s husband and illegal abortion carried out by lab scientists in Onitsha.

The DG of Behind Bar Initiative, Harrison Gwamnishu who made the update on his official IG handle, wrote;

We rescued the victim some time ago when she almost lost her life due to complications from illegal abortion carried out on her by a laboratory scientist in General Hospital, Onitsha where the perpetrator took her to.

We stabilized the victim by taking her to a specialist hospital where illegal abortion complications were managed and retained products of conception evacuated.

The 35-year perpetrator, Chris Azuoma and the laboratory scientist who carried out the abortion were arrested and later released by 33 Divisional Police, Onitsha.

We protested against their release and petitioned the IGP…The primary suspect Chris Azuoma was re-arrested with huge efforts from @ruggedybaba who made sure perpetrator was re-arrested.We say thank you.

We wish to inform you all the perpetrator’s family reached out to Chris Azuoma’s wife, and at the moment,they and the police prosecutor have sworn an affidavit of withdrawal and Chris Azuoma has been set free.

Our continued fight against peadophiles will only yield positive results if all government parastatals in line with human rights protection (The Judiciary, The Police System,Women Affairs,National Human Rights Commission e’tal) can stand up and do the needful.
We cannot do it alone,we implore all hands to be on deck as there are much more vulnerable individuals exposed to these heinous crimes daily.



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