Strange Illness hits Yankari game reserve in Bauchi state, claims lives of visitors

Please, Advice people not to go to Yankari game reserve in Bauchi state. There is currently an outbreak of a strange and yet to be identified disease that is claiming lives of those who visited within the last weeks. There were death cases reported from BIU, BAUCHI AND KANO.
Stay away until all investigations are completed. If you know anybody who has visited, kindly advice them to report to any hospital nearby for check ups.
Pass it on to save a life!!!.
Four dead, 12 hospitalised as ‘strange illness’ afflicts college students

At least four people have been confirmed dead and 12 hospitalized after students of the College of Education, Waka-Biu in Biu Local Government Area of Borno State, returned from a Yankari Games Reserve field trip.

According to witnesses who spoke to PREMIUM TIMES on phone from Biu, those that lost their lives complained of abdominal pains after which they vomited blood.

Initially, the death toll was put at nine; a figure which the Provost of the school, Mohammed Audu, said was incorrect.

Biu has been thrown into confusion in the last few days as the strange illness continues to affect mainly students of the institution.

The excursion has been an annual event for students, he said.

“When they returned they left for their homes and there was no issue until Saturday 31st August when the daughter of Biu local government chairman, Adama Dika died,” he said.

The provost said even when the female student died, her death was not immediately linked with the Yankari trip.

“People began to raise eyebrow some days after when three other students who were in the same trip batch died after exhibiting similar health conditions,” he said.

Mr Audu said tension began to mount when more of the students fell ill.

“Of the four that died, two were not our students but the commercial photographers that usually accompany the students on such trips,” he said.

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