Rivers State Amends Marriage Constitution – Photos

Positive Atmosphere for the Youths of Upata Kingdom of Ekpeye ethnic groups in Ahoada-East LGA, Rivers State as a Marriage Bye-law enacted 2018 is now fully operational.

By this new written law, every family intending to give their daughters out in marriage are mandated to follow the adopted marriage list, which clearly spells out every dime suitors are to spend throughout the traditional marriage rite.

Prior to this Bye-law, marriage list had become so expensive in Ekpeye land that only oil company workers could afford to clear all stages and receive their wives.

Many families extorted as high as Two Million naira from prospective sons-in-law. This led to unwanted pregnancies, moral decadence, youth restiveness and what have you.

But today;
People who wish to marry from Upata can do so with a flattering sum of N30,000 bride price and a maximum of N177,000 to clear the list, including excursion of the bride to her new home.

There is a committee set-up by Igbu Upata Traditional Council to monitor strict compliance against relatives who would still want to “sell” their daughters in the name of marriage.

This has been made possible by His Majesty, Eze Felix Enene Otuwarikpo (PhD, AP, JP, FNIPR), Regent Ekpeye Logbo, Eze Igbu Upata III.


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