Tenant Rapes & Kill Landlady In Ekiti

The Ekiti State police have arrested a 39-year-old man, Tunmise Abraham, for allegedly killing her landlady, Mrs. Bukola Olanrewaju, after raping her in Ado-Ekiti.

Abraham allegedly murdered the 39-year-old tailor and mother of three on Thursday last week. However, after his arrest, Abraham admitted killing Bukola but denied raping her.

The state Police Commissioner, Mr. Asuquo Amba, said the suspect was arrested at a church in Akure, Ondo State. He said: “The suspect, after committing the offence, ran to Akure. He took refuge in a church and that was where he was arrested.

Confessing that he actually committed the offence, Abraham said he did it out of provocation. The suspect said the deceased had provoked her over disagreement on house rent with her husband, Mr. Raphael Olanrewaju.

Abraham, however, denied the accusation that he raped her to death. According to him, he only hit the victim in the head with a big stick before tying her hands to make her weak during a fisticuff.

He said: “I called her that day that I wanted to leave the house after paying N23,000 in June and this will last till May next. I said that the husband needed to refund part of my money for me to get another apartment, but the woman said that would never happen.

We started the argument and she started calling me names. She abused me by calling me a ‘stammer,’ charlatan and other unprintable names, which angered me. She later held my clothes and I slapped her and pushed her away from me.

The woman now came with a stick and I overpowered her and collected the stick, which I used to hit her on the head and she fell. Upon realising she had died, I became worried and I had to run to a church in Akure for refuge.”


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