You can’t Be Eating Yam When Fulanis Are Killing Us Back Home — IPOB Tells Ekweremadu

Ike Ekweremadu Masturbated On Our Wounded Feelings…..

Prisca Abel Wrote

Since yesterday viral/trending news had it that Ike Ekweremadu was Chased out of Germany where he honored an invitation of New Yam Festival by some Igbos in Nuremberg Germany which later turned against them when IPOB members stormed to the venue insisting that the event will not hold and some of them angrily dragged him out from the hall. In their voices, (you can’t be eating yam when Fulanis are killing us back home and raping our women)

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To be frank with you, I initially felt for the old man because of some reasons best known to me . but when I waved my emotions aside, I began to see more reasons why this should happen to him and others as well.

Permit me to Say, Ike Ekweremadu is totally wrong by putting on this cloth to an event which is clearly known to be Of Igbo Tradition.

Are you to preach Igbo heritage or Nigeria Constitution?. When we say that you all have sold our rights for porridge of yam don’t misquote us.

Had it been that this was a Yoruba event you will see their Oba in their Yoruba Attire,same with Hausa Fulanis. But here you are representing Nigeria that Chased you out from the Dep Senate President office.

What happened to your Isi Agu attire Sir ? Well the last time I checked you old babies gave it to Buhari With a tittle named (Ogbu Agu 1 in Igbo Land).

I must say, you and the person that adviced you to put on this calamity on your body deserves to be banish from Igbo Land!!. What an insult and mockery of our Culture and Traditions.

You wore the attire or represented the people that has killed us, deprived us of our rights. The people that unleashed perpetual agony against our youths. The people that unleashed unexpected war in our land, the people that starved our children to death, the people who unleashed genocide that we all maybe wiped out from this surface of the earth.

None have come out to apologise after we survived what they did to us. Instead they are Still thirsty of our blood by using Fulanis and Boko Haram in Army Uniform to kill us in our land.
whilst none of you are doing nothing about it. And you have the temerity to wear the Agony called Coat Of Arm as a cloth?…

Sir, with all due respect, for insulting our culture and for masturbating on our wounded feelings, I applauded IPOB in Germany of what they did to you. This will teach others lesson.

Drops Penโœ๏ธโœ๏ธโœ๏ธ

My Name is Prisca C Okehi

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