Two Oyo State Monarchs who Helps Politicians Win Elections With Juju, Laments After They Fail To Keep To Their Promises

High Chief Arogundade Sunday Alade and Chief Sumonu Aromodede of Ogbomosho Land, Oyo State made serious allegation against politicians and public office holders who consulted them for spiritual charms to enable them win electoral positions and juicy public offices but never returned to make good their promises after securing their positions.
Our correspondent also gathered that these high chiefs have strong affiliates with politicians in South-west, South-East, North East and North Central parts of Nigeria and they work hand in hand to perpetrate evil in a bid to gain power to amass wealth unlawfully.

Chief Arogundade Sunday Alade made a claim against a Politian (name withheld) who currently holds a political office at the national level that he is being owed a fee being amount payable for charms and thugs supplied during the just concluded election.

He claimed that charms used were made from blood and parts of dead human beings and he is very sure of the potency of his charms.

He reiterated that this isn’t the only situation where he would assist to gain access to holding public offices, win contracts and also to attain promotion but after gaining power, same people will deny association with traditional belief and powers that brought them favour.

He mentioned that traditional beliefs and practices of African people include various ethnic religions.

These traditions are oral rather than scriptural. This includes belief in a supreme creator, belief in spirits, veneration of the dead, use of magic and traditional African medicine. The role of humanity is generally seen as one of harmonizing nature with the supernatural.

He quoted that according to Lugira, “it is the only religion that can claim to have originated in Africa.

Other religions found in Africa have their origins in other parts of the world.”

Followers of traditional African religions pray to various spirits as well as to their ancestors. These secondary spirits serve as intermediaries between humans and the primary God, also referred to as the Supreme Deity.

Most African societies believe in a single Supreme being (Chukwu, Nyame, Olodumare, Ngai, Roog, etc. Some recognize a dual God and Goddess such as Mawu-Lis.

In Nigeria the majority of the populations are adherents of Christianity or Islam, Nigerian people often combine the practice of their traditional belief with the practice of Abrahamic religions.

The two Abrahamic religions are widespread across Africa, though mostly concentrated in different areas.

They have replaced indigenous African religions, but are often adapted to African cultural contexts and belief systems. High Chief Arogundade Sunday Alade and Chief Sumonu Aromodede of Ogbomosho Land, Oyo State, Nigeria are of the opinion that traditionalism should be passed to the oncoming generation.

Chief Alade in his words ‘I have seen many people in Christian and Muslim faiths, seeking protection and help from these idols and hereafter deny their association and involvement after accomplishing their mission. Many politicians have visited us and we have assisted them to occupy their desired seats.

Chief Arogundade S. alade & Chief Sumonu Aromodede recommend that active practice of African religious will assist in curbing the present high rate of corruption in the nation by making public office holders swear with these gods who will give immediate punishment to offenders.

It was gathered that while Chief Aromodede initiate his wards and relations to the practice of idols and occultism at early stage of their lives because it is a taboo for any member of their family not to practice occultism. It was also gathered that Chief Arogundade Alade forcefully initiates members of his family with a view to appease the gods.
They claim that association with tradition averts premature death and enables one to succeed in his/her life endeavors.

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