12 Nigerians arrested in Ghana for kidnapping a 20-year-old girl

Twelve Nigerians have been arrested at Weija in the Greater Accra Region for holding a 20-year-old woman hostage.

The suspects were arrested after the father of the victim lodged a complaint with the police that his daughter had gone missing for days. The suspects, according to reports, all live in the same apartment close to Weija STC.

Police investigators gave the names of the suspects as Ose Winner, Oladide Ola Promise, Algbe Joseph, Edogiawerie Aisosa, Osazee Benjamin, Elis Imasuen, Emmanuel Daniel, John Miracle, Emulankpa Godwin, Osaro Kelvin, Oso Kenny and Oghneyerhowa Nelson.

The victim, named withheld, said she was sexually molested by one of the suspect who through social media lured her to the location under the guise of dating her, where her movement was restricted thereafter.

Preliminary investigation reveals all the 12 suspects do not possess the requisite documents to be in the country and were also suspected to be engaged in cyber fraud. They are set to be arraigned before court on Tuesday August 6, 2019 while the Ghana Immigration Service has since been notified in order to repatriate them.

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