DSS Arrests Omoyele Sowore

Information reaching me tonight that the Nigerians DSS invaded Omoyele Sowore apartment in Ikeja and whisk him away to their office in Magodo in Ikeja Lagos.

Fellow Nigerians, We must immediately start the Revolution with the demand of Omoyele’s release if we keep quiet we will all be killed one by one regardless of your affiliations or your smartness. We should all resist oppression in the interest of the next generation. Let’s demand Omoyele’s release now! #RevolutionNow
Operatives of the Department of State Services have arrested pro-democracy activist and the convener of #RevolutionNow Protests, Omoyele Sowore.

It was gathered that Sowore was picked up at his apartment in the early hours of Saturday.

Sowore posted a distress tweet at exactly 1:25 am with an eyewitness confirming that his phone was forcefully taken from him.

The tweet read, ” DSS invades Sowore’s”.

He also tweeted ” Ja p”, confirming his phone must have been seized while trying to raise the alarm about his arrest.

His arrest and detention are not unconnected to #RevolutionNow, a series of planned protests against bad governance in Nigeria scheduled for August 5, 2019.

Details later…


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