Prison warden who sexually abuses female inmates, jailed for 25 years

Eugenio Perez, a former lieutenant at the federal jail in New York has bagged a 25 year jail sentence for sexually abusing multiple female inmates.

The arrest and prosecution of 49-year-old Perez nicknamed ‘horse’ because of his distinctive and uncircumcized penis came after the female inmates gave corroborating statements. A warrant obtained by federal agents forced the former Brooklyn prison officer to drop his pants for a confirmation of the women’s allegation.

“He wasn’t circumcised. It was big, and it was like a hook…It was humongous and it curved,” one of his victims testified during his two-week trial.

Another described Perez’s penis as having a “really strong smell” that made her want to throw up.

“I am no one to judge someone else, but I would not like any other woman to go through what I went through,” said the woman, identified as “Jane Doe 3,” and speaking through a translator. “It is a horrible experience that I will never be able to forget.”

Perez was convicted on 23-counts including aggravated sexual abuse and sexual abuse of a ward even though he pleaded for mercy and leniency.

“The sentence you impose on me is also the sentence you impose on my family,” Perez told the court.

The sentence was imposed by U.S. District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto after an emotional plea from one of Perez’s victims, a former inmate at the Metropolitan Detention Center who was forced to perform oral sex on him testified at his trial. The convict who said he has plans to appeal the sentencing is also expected to register as a sex offender.

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