Kebbi state female judge Honourable Justice Elizabeth Asabe Karatu Blocked From Delivering Judgement On Her Last Day (photos)

Honourable Justice Elizabeth Asabe Karatu of the Kebbi State High Court gets humiliated and blocked on her last day from delivery a judgement. Gistvic Reports.

We could recall, Governor Atiku Bagudu’s refused to confirm Honourable Justice Karatu as substantive chief judge of the state because:

1. Alteration of date of birth from 9 May 1952 to 9 May 1954;
2. Alteration of date of issue of the Certificate from 12 January 1966 to 12 January 1967; and
3. Alteration of the year of completion of primary school from 1966 to 1967.

And also, the house found that the Declaration of Age presented to the House by Justice Karatu contained a different date from the conflicting dates contained on the Primary School Leaving Certificate.

We could also recall, Elizabeth Karatu accused Atiku Bagudu, the governor, of refusing to confirm her as substantive judge because of her religious affiliation.

Honourable Justice Karatu was stopped by security men as she tried to enter the premises on her last day.

She was heard saying:
“I have a judgement, its my right. Today is my last day here.

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