“Everything I Owned In America Was Sold During My Arrest” – Kemi Olunloyo cries for help

After reading her caption i felt the pain retired journlaist Kemi Olunloyo is going through.

Recently she requested for help from Nigerian with two thousand naira only, just because the country is hard i haven’t helped her and am sure some of us too.

She opened up on her page to cry out for help and also reveals how she sold all of her properties because of 2017 arrest.

Read caption below..

Dear Funmi I am not well. I have no money or strength to take care of myself. I had to resort to crowd funding my medical bills. Nigerians are suffering and the 2k ppl are donating have helped me get some psychotherapy, pain medicine for my body and anxiety medicine for my panic attacks. Pls understand I’m going thru a lot at this time. My elderly father cannot do much for me but still supports me emotionally, I was once the breadwinner in this family with everyone feeding off my $5,000 a week salary in the 90’s at $20k/mo. I took care of everyone. I no longer have siblings. I only care for myself and my sons. Everything I own in America was sold during my 2017 arrest. I had to pay my youngest two’s school fees, one in $ and the other naira. My boys now have “roommates” as mommy’s house and car are gone thanks to @iyaboojofespris that everyone wants me to forget and move on. She deeply ruined me! To think one person lied and evidence linked to her phone, can’t apologise and lied under oath. Those using Journalists for their evil deeds cost the real ppl who need us. I can no longer do Investigative Journalism after 25 years 1994. I lost $5M in wages, revenues, adverts and assignments @HNNAfrica which I shut down. Thanks for your past help. As you know, many of our classmates became Senators, none reached out to me. Bukola, Ben, Lanre, etc. That’s just LIFE. Now I’m battling to save my health and my life.



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