Nigeria has lacked progress since 1993 – MKO Abiola’s son

MKO Abiola’s son, Abdulmumuni who spoke ahead of the June 12 celebration, stated that Nigeria is worse off than in 1993. The late politician’s son who bemoaned the lack of progress in the country since 1993, also lamented that the education and health sectors had collapsed. MKO Abiola’s son who spoke about the June 12 celebration which recently became the country’s official Democracy Day, replacing May 29, stated that it should be a day of national sober reflection for Nigerians as Nigeria is worse off than in 1993.

Speaking at the National Centre for Women Development in Abuja on Monday where he received an award on behalf of his late mother, Kudirat Abiola who was inducted into the Nigerian Women Hall of Fame alongside 21 others, Abdulmumuni said;

“The country is worse off than it was in 1993. My father was trying to address certain issues like poverty eradication and free education. But what is going on in the country now? The education system is dilapidated. The health care system is nothing. People are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. The poverty rate is increasing. I think the idea is that June 12 should be a day of reflection and I believe we can get out of this situation.”


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