Man strangles his seven-month-old daughter to death in Niger

30 year Nasiru Musa, pictured above, has been arrested by men of the Niger state police command for allegedly strangling his seven months old daughter on May 20th.

According to reports, Musa had taken the baby from the mother while she was sleeping to an uncompleted building where he strangled her. His evil deed was discovered when the mother of the baby woke up and could not find her child by her side. She raised an alarm and the matter was reported to the Nasko police division.

After much investigation, the police arrested Musa who confessed to killing his own child. According to him, he was hypnotise into killing her because he doesn’t understand why he would kill his flesh and blood.

“I gave birth to my daughter out of wedlock and the mother and I are preparing for our wedding before this happened. I cannot explain why I took her life. People will not believe me. It is like somebody hypnotised me I find it very difficult to explain. How am I going to explain to my fiancé what transpired? I know that is the end of (preparations for) the marriage. She will never forgive me and my friends will desert me.” he said

He denied allegations of planning to use his baby for rituals.

“God forbid. Magama people don’t use their children for rituals and that is why I cannot explain how I killed my own daughter.”

The police say he will be charged to court soon.

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