The human wash machine is finally out!!! (Everything you need to know)

Do you have old parents or grandparents who find it difficult to bathe on their own? Or maybe you just want to have a machine that will bathe you whenever you feel like bathing. This new human wash machine will give you the perfect bath without any assistance whatsoever. All you just need to do is stand and let the machine do the bathing for you. The funny thing is, the machine will actually bathe you better and faster than you can bathe yourself.

I know a lot of people will wish to have a human wash machine that will bathe them just the same way they have a washing machine for clothes. Their wish has finally come true thanks to Matti Paaso, an inventor from Finland. It shows how the future is going to look like where robots will do virtually everything a human will ever wish for.

This washing machine is such a great invention because apart from the fun of having a machine bath you. It’s perfect for old people who have difficulty in bending or bathing themselves. The machine is not only user-friendly, but it’s also human-friendly! Hiring a full-time nurse or caregiver for you aged or injured family can be very expensive. But with this human wash machine, that cost is eliminated.

It is fully automated and can operate on its own without you pushing any buttons. Not only can the scrubbers go up and down on its own, but it can also regulate the temperature of the water so it doesn’t get too hot or too cold. This human wash machine which operates like a car wash machine is definitely something you need in your home.

The machine is absolutely safe for use even by children and can be installed anywhere such as hospitals, nursing homes, homes for elderly people, gyms, swimming pools and private houses. Installation is very easy and straight forward as all that is required is to install mount it next to your shower. Its already available for sale and is sold for 4,600 Euros (185,000 naira approximately)


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